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This page allows you to control if, how, and when you'd like to be contacted by others.

Availability Calendar
Availability Help
Your TrustedPeer Entrepreneurship calendar can be connected to your external calendar(s) and you can block out additional times which you want to reserve for TrustedPeer Entrepreneurship meetings. See Calendar for more information.
Expertise Sharing
You can set parameters controlling how someone may contact you using this section. See Expertise Sharing for more details.
Office Hours
If enabled (via Enable Office Hours) we'll display this message to users when they attempt to schedule a meeting with you. Of course, you may accept (or reject) any meeting time regardless of posted office hours.

As an aid for you, we provide an initial message which you can edit as appropriate. This message will not be used unless enabled. (To re-initialize the sample message, delete your message and refresh the browser window.)

NOTE: Office hours is used only when your calendar shows no availability. Please consider using the Calendar (and connecting your external calendars) as the primary means to indicate availability.

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