Calendar Synchronization

A common question is "Can I connect my platform calendar with my other calendar (Google, Microsoft Outlook, etc.), so I can indicate availability in only one place?

While there is a general technique which allows us to communicate with external calendars, most implementations differ slightly. For this reason we can connect and share data (with your authorization), but we don't synchronize calendars.

There are a few features which make scheduling easier:

Invitations via email
First, we do send calendar invitations in emails, so when a meeting is arranged (or changed) the email will include the new information. Assuming your calendar system of choice is linked to your email, it will update your calendar. This is known to work for Outlook, Google Calendar, and Mac Calendar as well as some less common systems. Please let us know if you see issues.
Connect your external calendars
Second, we encourage you to Connect your external calendar(s) with this platform. Connecting allows us to determine when you are already busy and we'll not suggest such times to people attempting to schedule with you. This is available as: You can also set recurring blocks of time when you are available. See Availability Calendar for more information on this feature.
Office Hours
Third, Peers can input general times as their Office Hours. This is available under the Availability menu.

Office Hours, on Settings page

Then, when another user looks to schedule, they will see whatever the Peer provided. Note that we do not convert time zone within Office Hours, but as the requester selects a time, we'll display the Peers computed time within the form.

Office Hours, as displayed when scheduling

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