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The Expertise Sharing section allows you to set certain parameters about how someone may contact you. Depending on site configuration, not all options may be available.

This configuration are implemented by a set of selection menus: The simplest way to approach this is by making your selection in order, from top-to-bottom.

Search results visibility
If enabled, your profile will be visible to all users in the directory of search results. Otherwise, your profile will be visible only to people with whom you have scheduled a meeting, and other users will not be able to view or contact you. Note that Customer Support and Administrators can always see your profile.
If enabled, other users will be able to engage with you via a meeting (subject to other possible restrictions or prior approval). Otherwise, you will be listed in the directory, but users will not be able to contact you.

Contact Options drop down example

Contactability and Contact options drive what the user is able to select on your Profile page:

If you're not visible to users in the directory of search results, you cannot be contacted.

Contact Options
Usually, you'll use this platform to facilitate interactions. However, if you cannot use this platform, this option can be set, directing the user to contact you through other means, "off-platform". (You can provide off-platform instructions using the "Offline Contact Information" field.)

Most commonly, this option is set for new users, prior to their being introduced to the platform. In this way, other users can "see" this individual in the directory and can contact them through traditional means. Once the new user is familiar with the platform this option should be disabled, so further contact is managed online.

If you do not allow others to contact you for expertise, you'll not be presented with any contact options.

Allow questions?
If enabled, this permits all users to directly contact you (via the platform) to ask questions. Otherwise, the platform permits only your previous Clients (those who have had a meeting with you) to contact you via the platform.

In this context, "Questions" are analogous to simple email, without the overhead of a meeting.

If you don't allow users to contact you through this platform, you will not be presented with this option.

Offline Contact Information
If you have indicated that you want to be contacted off-platform (that is, by not using this platform) you may provide information here. Such information may be your assistant's contact information or alternative notification (e.g., " plant a red flag in a flower pot on the window sill of your apartment.")

If a user attempts to contact you, We'll display what you provide here. If nothing is provided, we'll simple inform the user to contact you though some other means.

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