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SMS Text Notifications
By setting your mobile number, you will receive a text whenever a message is sent to your TrustedPeer Entrepreneurship mailbox. Each text will include direct link to the message, allowing you to quickly view and respond. See SMS Text Notifications for more information.
Zoom Authorization
If you already have a Zoom account you can authorize this application to use it while scheduling a meeting. We'll take care of sedning the proper URL links to all meeting participants. See Zoom Authorization for more information.
Contact Settings
Default Time Zone
Select your current local time zone. If in doubt, choose the timezone that is closest to your location which has the same rules for daylight saving time. Dates and times throughout this site will be displayed using this time zone.
Phone Number, Skype ID, etc.
Contact information is used for TrustedPeer Entrepreneurship meetings. Peers will call or Skype Clients to start a meeting. Contact information will be provided to Peers for this purpose only, and is not otherwise visible to the public. At least one method of contact must be supplied in order to work with Meetings.
View Subscriptions
If there are any email lists, you can view and alter your subscriptions via this link.

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