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This information is specific to Peers, and provides engagement related information.

Access is restricted to users with Content Manager privilege.

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Email and Telephone
This information is for you convenience and visible only to administrators
Timezone and Hours +/-
Timezone information is provided in case you need to contact the Peer in real time. The Hours field indicated the number of hours ahead (+) or behind (-) your time.
Num and Most Recent
Num and Most Recent reflect the number of completed meetings, and date of the most recently completed meeting.
Timeslots (Available, Pending, Claimed, Reserved)
Timeslot details reflect number of slots allocated within the next seven days, excluding next 24 hours. "Available" refers to timeslots added by the Peer to their Calendar and not yet selected for a meeting. "Pending" and "Claimed" refer to timeslots allocated for a meeting. "Reserved" refers to timeslots set aside immediately prior to a meeting in order to avoid one meeting running into another. Reserved timeslots are not otherwise available.
Public, A-Public, U-Public
Is the Peer is "Public". The first column is calculated based on the values U-Public and A-Public. You can toggle the latter two values. Only administrators can set A-Public. U-Public can be set by the users themselves -- this allows the user to make themselves unavailable (by unsetting the "Include me in directory of results" parameter on their Account Settings page.)

To be visible to users, a Peer must:

  1. Be public (this toggle); and
  2. Have either a public topic, a public personal expertise page, or 'mini-personal expertise' designation.

Personal Expertise page
Toggle to create a "Personal Expertise Page" (page is created non-public). This pseudo-topic page is used to augment the Peer's Profile Page with additional information, such as Expertise Overview, Expertise Summary, and "Ask Me About" questions.

You will need to make that page public (See All Topics tab) to make it visible.

If a public personal expertise page exists and a public regular topic page exist for this Peer, only the regular topic page will be displayed.

Mini-Personal Expertise
Toggle to create a "Mini-Personal Expertise" designation for this Peer. This is used only if there are no other public topic pages (either regular topic, or personal expertise page) for this Peer.

By default, all users have a 'mini-personal' designation. This is required in order for that individual to be linked into the Browse categories.

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