Never Logged In Users

This lists users who have never logged in, even though they were notified at least a week ago.

  1. You should contact the user to make sure they received the original email notification
    • Send them (another) "activation" notice. Admin−>Users, click on "Activate" checkmark to the right of their name.
    • Try sending a "real" email rather than through the platform, in case platform email went to spam folder
    • Call or contact the user through other means
  2. Verify they're still interested in participating: Delete them if they're not.
  3. Have them login -- that is sufficient to remove this notice.

Most common reasons for never logging in are:

  • Email issues -- original notification may have gone to a spam folder. Make sure email from "" can get delivered.
  • Change in level of interest -- remove them from the platform: you can always add them later.

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