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Common Page Navigation

Every page (except these help pages) is structured the same way.
1) Header
At the top-right of the page, there are a few items:
Your Account ▼Help
— or, if the page is too narrow —

This provides access to the drop down menu.
2) Drop Down Menu
Your Account ▼ Settings Profile Dashboard Sessions Programs Messages Logout

The drop down menu allows you to access your:

  • Settings (email, time zone, mobile phone, etc.) not visible to other users, and your
  • Profile (your mini-resume) which is visible to other users if you're a Peer.
Additionally, the drop down gives you access to your
  • Dashboard where you have additional configuration items which may need attention (your availability calendar, teams). Additional dashboards may be configured depending on your role. Administrators have a dashboard for system administration.
Finally, the drop down has links to get you to your:
  • Sessions, all meetings you have scheduled, and a record of past meetings.
  • Programs, all programs of which you are a member, including objectives and tasks to be done.
  • Messages, all messages sent to / from other TrustedPeer Entrepreneurship users. Most of these messages will have also been sent to you via email. These messages do not include “chat” messages which are included with the relevant Program or Session.

3) Footer
If your site has system-wide resources, such as a blog, team building or offered skills, links to these pages can be found in the footer.

Dashboard and Tabs

Your dashboard, accessible from the Dashboard item in the drop down menu, starts with the Home tab. This summarizes your current activities and events, providing links to access details on active programs and sessions.

Other tabs give you access to an content you've created:

  • My Content Blogs, teams, skills.
  • Calendar and your availability calendar (See Calendar to learn more.)

You may have more than one dashboard, selectable from the As User menu. Additional dashboards give you access to tools and data to support your additional roles such as:

  • As Group Admin for group admins to configure groups.
  • As Content Mgr for administrators to add users, and monitor content and enagements
  • As Site Admin for restricted access to configure internal aspects of the site itself.

Each dashboard will include a set of Tabs, providing access to different aspects of the configuration.

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