This page is used to edit a new or existing post.

The editor is available to Content Managers and the designated author of the post.

  • Content Managers can access posts using the
  • Authors can access their posts using

Display Parameters

These parameters control if this post is visible (not all options may be present):

"Non-public" posts are private, and never visible to the user community. Keep posts private while you're working on them.
Featured posts, if public, are listed separately. Any number of posts may be "featured", with the obvious caveat: if too many posts are featured, then none of them are. All (public) posts are available via "Archives". You can change this designation at any time.
Published Date
Post-dated posts (publish date is in the future) and posts with no published date are not visible until their publish date. If you still don't want them to be visible, mark them non-public.

Using this date field, you can add multiple posts, set their dates in the future and mark them public. Then the posts will become automatically visible when their publish dates arrive.

Title and Tags

These parameters make this post easier to identify

Title should be short. When we're simply listing posts (such as under the list of tags), only the title will be displayed.
Start typing and select the name to be used as the author of this post. Authors do not need to have public profiles. Authors without public profiles will be referenced using their name and photo only. Public authors will include a link to their profile. If left blank, no author will be associated with this post.
Posts can have any number of tags. Tags are used to group common subjects. By clicking on a tab, readers can view all posts with the same tag. We automatically provide a tag with the author's name.

This field is simple, comma-separated text. We'll auto-suggest tags based on your typing. Create new tags simply by adding new text. It is beneficial to keep the number of categories reasonably low to allow for grouping. (I.e., if each post has unique tags, no grouping will occur and therefore the user will derive no added benefit from searching for, or selecting the tag.)
The teaser should be a sentence or two about your post which we will display when we have limited space. Note that we truncate the main contents, showing the first 100 words or so, when displaying a list of posts (depending on configuration). We use this Teaser only in the page footer.


The content is the main post. Click within the field to edit. Some types of posts will be initialized with a template containing non-editable text (sub-headings, for example). These blocks are intended to guide content entry, and are intentionally, though not impossible to delete. If you completely delete the contents and refresh the page, the contents will re-initialize with the template (if any).

You can delete this post by pressing the Delete button.


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