Content Manager

Note: You are not a Content Manager for this site.

One or more individuals may take the role of Content Manager for the site. This is configured (by an existing Content Manager) using

The Content Manager is responsible for the overall content of the site. The following list provides a handy reference for how to do most everything.

First Tasks

To get you started, we provide a Roadmap for common first activities. The rest of this list provides additional details.

Ongoing Tasks

Users and Peers
Adding, removing users, setting access permissions.
Creating groups, placing users into these groups
Browsing Categories
Creating categories for search, placing Peers into these categories
Additional Content
Managing (but usually not creating content for):
  • Peer topics
  • Blogs
  • Corporate Projects
  • Extra Pages
  • Digital Products
Engagement & Recommendations
View login and search activity of your site to see who is using the platform. Recommend Peers (or groups of Peers) to the user community.

Interfacing with TrustedPeer

Some customization of the user interface, setting message templates, and setup of some features are not possible through the available user interface. A simple email to TrustedPeer support can usually address these issues within a few hours. (logged in page, not-logged-in page, "first page", default message for everyone on Dashboard, default message at top of Help.)

When questions arise, be sure to let know. Similarly, when TrustedPeer support observes some questionable behavior we may contact you for follow up.

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