Bad Email Address

Email messages have failed to be delivered to the individuals llisted.

  1. Contact them via telephone or other means (we know the listed email won't work!)
  2. Provide updated email address to TrustedPeer Support & we'll correct the database
If they cannot be found, you should removed them using "Users":

Most likely causes of a bad email address are:

  • Typo -- If it's obvious, (e.g., "" or "") send update to TrustedPeer support and we can try that.
  • Change in company or university status -- they may no longer have access to their old address.
If they can still login, they may be able to change their email using "Security".
If the can no longer login, an Adminstrator can change the email by directly editing the information in the Users grid: Just click on the email & the field will become editable. Make the change and then press Enter (or click somewhere else) to complete the edit.

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