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This tab gives you information about all Topics and/or Experience for public Peers. As not all users may have public information, not all users may be listed here.

Access is restricted to users with Content Manager privilege.

This page is accessed by selecting

From here, you can add / delete topics, and perform other administrative tasks.

The "Topics" table is:

  • Sortable: Click on a heading. If doesn't appear to update, refresh the page and retry.
  • Editable: Click on a row. Only some columns are editable. After making an edit, press your keyboard <return> to confirm the update.
  • Scrollable
  • Searchable: Select the magnifying glass at bottom left of the table.

Topics Table Columns

From left-to-right, here's what the columns mean:

View TopicGo
icon will bring up this topic's page, even if the topic itself is not public.
May be blank, if the topic type is "Expertise". You can edit it by clicking on the field, typing a new value & pressing keyboard "return".
Short Title
Shortened title, used only if topic type is "Full Topic", in lists where space is at a premium. Should be less than twenty characters. You can edit this in the same manner as the Title.
Name of the Peer who "owns" this topic. This individual will be able to edit the topic, and search results which match information contained in this topic will point to this Peer. You can change the Peer associated with this topic by selecting the field and typing the name of the new owner. We'll suggest matching names and you need to select one of the matching values. Press Escape key to cancel suggestion list.
Name of the Editor who has edit permission for this topic. This individual will be able to edit the topic. This is applicable for topics of type "Full Topic" or "Expertise". You can change the Editor in the same manner as changing the Peer. Note that we'll suggest only individuals who have "Editor" permission (see the All Users tab.) Editors are not required any this field may be blank.
Public checkbox
This topic is listed and visible to other users of this platform. It will be visible only if the Peer is also Public (see All Users tab.) Generally, topics are not public during content development and are made public when ready.
Topic Type
Topic type indicates the template used to create the Peer's extra information. Types are:
Full Topic
Full detailed topic including overview, common problems, terms, etc. Updates to these topics go through full edit, review and publish cycle. They are not visible until they are marked Public, and their Peer is also Public. Also, only the published sections are visible. Sections of the topic which have not been marked as published will not be visible.
"Ask Me About" simplified topics. These also go through the full edit, review and publish cycle, but have fewer required sections. Like Full Topics, these are not visible until they are marked Public, and their Peer is also Public.
Profile Only
These types of topics are not displayed in this list, but you can change an existing topic to this, or create a new one.

Peers are required to have a topic. If neither of the other types are appropriate (perhaps the Peer has not filled out any additional information yet), then you can create this placeholder "Profile Only" topic and assign it to the Peer. Using this, only the Profile page will be displayed for the Peer.

This type of topic is automatically created for each user added by a Group Administrator.

When there are more than one topic for the same Peer, we'll display:
  1. All public "Full Topics"
  2. The single "Expertise" topic, if no full topics are public
  3. The single "Profile Only" topic, if no Expertise topic is public
You may be able to delete a topic which has recently been added and not otherwise used. In more complicated situations, the topic can be deleted only by a Superuser. Please notify support if you need a topic deleted. If you need to remove a topic from view, you can unset the "Public" checkbox.

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