TrustedPeer ECenter

Innovation needs to be designed as a process from start to deployment that is supported by a software platform engineered to support the innovation process.” —Steve Blank

One Platform

Operating and scaling a center is hard if you’re still using spreadsheets, yellow stickies and a half dozen web applications. And, if you’re working with the greater community, how do you get outside people to connect with your inside applications without IT blowing a gasket?

With ECenter, it’s all in one place. Program monitoring, advisor and mentor management, chat, scheduling, messaging with SMS option, even optional single sign-on. Integrated, secure, mobile-enabled and backed-up.

Mentor Management

You build your own network of mentors and subject-matter experts from your faculty, alumni and local business community. ECenter includes an integrated Mentor Recruiting interface. Enable your students to browse and search for compatible expertise.

Students can send email, see office-hours, schedule meet-ups. All interaction is saved on the platform. Mentors can see context for all communication. Structured meetings with predefined goals improves time-efficiency.

Our hybrid single sign-on allows your to use your own SSO for students and faculty, and our authentication for people outside your institution.

Entrepreneurship Programs

For Accelerators, Incubators, Competitions, or Hatcheries, you design your programs with milestones, objectives and tasks. We’ll help you based on our experience with over 250 of your peer entrepreneurship centers.

Assign programs to individuals or teams, add mentors and subject matter experts to provide review and guidance. Team members share documents, submit updates, and chat with other team members all without switching platforms or searching old emails to find that link.

Team Building

Form student teams yourself, or let your community form them organically. Teams can post project proposals and needed skills. Potential team members can post skills offered. Team leaders recruit on-platform. You can keep the community confined to your selected users, or open it up to the whole university.

Corporate Projects

We work with corporations looking to get projects into Entrepreneurship Centers. Center administrators can select which projects are made available to their students. When enabled, a corporate sponsor become the administrator for the Program, allowing on-platform, tracked, communication between students and external organizations.

Already have connections with external companies? No problem, we can support just as easily.

Program Management

Program progress chart shows you status at a glance, with drill-down. Customizable charts show you user activity (logins, messages, sessions, etc.) so you can see who is actively engaged.

Built-in bulk messaging tools simplify sending alerts and reminders to keep everyone moving forward.